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Semi-Private Coaching Package

This is a 2-month program that starts with an introduction to Pfilates (pelvic floor pilates). Each class is progressive, building up your repertoire of techniques that are proven to resolve pelvic health issues and improve your posture, to get your symptoms under control, so that you can live and move with confidence and freedom.

This semi-private option is great for those who work well in groups and want to share the cost.

While the group size is small (maximum of 3 participants), we may deal with sensitive issues in a respectful and confidential manner and the progression of the group takes all participants abilities into mind so that no one is left behind or left to do the movement pattern incorrectly. It includes hands-on assists for proper posture and body alignment so the physical body is functioning at its optimum.

We meet once a week in-person for the first 3 weeks, and then bi-weekly to check in on your symptoms, monitor your progress and provide you with progressions.

I use a variety of techniques customized to provide you with optimal results.

1. Group coaching sessions are based in the
Stott PilatesTM principles of functional movement including, breathing, concentration and control, balanced muscle development and relaxation.

2. I also use specialized pelvic floor
exercise protocols such as Pfilates™ and the Hypopressive Technique™.

The different aspects of this coaching program include:

1. Body Awareness

2. Body & Postural Alignment

3. Specialized Breathing Techniques

4. Pelvic Floor and Muscular Coordination

5. Movement based exercise progressions

6. Video, audio & written instructions, to
help integrate the new techniques to create lasting change

Customized schedules
to suit your schedule.

Call 1-250-818-1794

The total value of this program is $409, however I am able to offer this to you for $259.



Regular price $409

What our clients say:

"I highly recommend Leslie. Leslie is a knowledgeable and caring Pilates instructor. She is able to adapt and modify her instruction to meet the needs of each individual client. Leslie’s classes have helped me to feel strong and flexible again!"

K Marshall

"Thank you very much. I wanted to thank you very much for teaching me all those PF exercises. I do them daily with my usual stretching routine. Your exercises have made a big difference.

I can do way more floor cardio is class without needing to go to the bathroom! I also notice that my whole PF area feels much tighter and stronger."

S McKee

"Thank You! Your support, friendly style and solid, clear information and directions, as well as the repetition of the activities really helped me succeed in this course! I highly recommend it to any woman who wants to avoid peeing when they laugh!"

Connie S

Confident Core Fitness Group Classes

You will receive a re-assessment at the end of the program to determine:

(i) progress made (ii) gaps that may still exist

(iii) next steps for closing the gaps and continued support.

Semi-Private Coaching Program Features

This package includes


6 Sessions

Six small group coaching and instruction sessions that provide you with the proper techiques and framework to ensure you are performing the exercises correctly


Mini Exercise Ball

The mini exercise ball is a fun piece of exercise equipment that we use in our sessions together. With the exercise ball, we will strengthen the powerhouse and stabilizer muscles.


Laugh Without Leaking

Access to Laugh Without Leaking online program, which will provide you with valuable information about your pelvic health, as well as exercise videos, audio & written instructions, to help practice on your own at home, in between sessions.


Private Facebook Community

You will also receive access to my private FB community of like-minded women. I created this group to further support you to maintain your pelvic floor muscles and provide a safe environment for continued care and growth


Knowledge is Power

You will learn about the body from an anatomical point of view and receive straight forward information that will help you to understand your particular issue.


You will receive exercise videos, audio files, and written instructions, to help you practice on your own at home or anywhere you want

The Pricing Plan

Semi-Private Coaching Program

By taking this program you will be able to:

Move better

Reduce or eliminate the need for incontinence care products

Avoid surgery or medications

Resolve issues like incontinence & prolapse

Increase your potential for orgasm (enjoy sex again!)

Regain confidence in your body so that you
have the freedom to do activities that you want to do
without discomfort, pain or embarrassment
Confident Core Fitness Group Classes


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